Subject: Gaia looked at the other gods, discussing their tragic, inevitable, deaths, and rolled his eyes.
Posted on: 2020-08-18 19:34:38 UTC

"Oh, come on, guys," he said. "You're just gonna sit back and let two years be the end? We're gods. Our power is literally beyond measure, and at least some of us have access to all of our memories from before. This place is filled with incredible magic and technology that would dazzle Autochthon. If nothing else works, we can find links to other gods and get a few extra hands to help out. Besides, if it's just these bodies not being strong enough that's the problem, well." He grinned, and the ground shivered slightly - was he doing something, or was it just in anticipation of what that grin promised? "Fixing that sort of problem is my specialty. And that brings up the real question I wanted to ask, now that the boring one is out of the way. My name is Gaia. I'm from Exalted, and I am the Primordial of Growth. Who are all of you guys?"

Quick addition/question for HS: At this point, would the notice for Yavanna's concert have been posted? I might have an idea for a thing.

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