Subject: "Yes, you have always been a challenging one."
Posted on: 2020-08-18 10:18:27 UTC

Ananke contemplated Tash's face with no discernable emotion. "There are many gods of death," she said, half to herself, "but gods of endings are far rarer. And in this place... walk with me," she said abruptly. "There is much I would say, and time, in this place, presses hard."

She set off at a brisk pace, leaving Tash no choice but to follow. "You are of the Pantheon," Ananke told the vulture-god. "You are here to inspire the mortals of this 'P-P-C' with your song. Whether you inspire them to contemplation, terror, or despair means little to me.

"But they are not yours to take. We do not turn our powers against mortals; they are our charges, not our prey. Gods who turn their backs on this rule come inevitably to a bad end - one more terrible even than the maw of Tash.

"Yet there is other carrion for you here. Search the mind you have inherited - this place is the death of stories. Of," Ananke's lip twitched, "Suvians, and wraiths, and crossovers, and countless others. It is not your usual fare, but if you feel beyond their glowing portals, you will find endings enough to sate even Tash the Inexorable."

I'm currently reading Small Gods, which also dwells heavily on the life-taking effects of deserts.

I've tried to stick to your interpretation here; if I've gone wildly off, let me know and I'll edit it. :) The idea of this Tash as the Death of Stories is really intriguing (and gets around the 'shouldn't you be killing agents?' dilemma). It also leaves you openings for her to go rogue without going on a killing spree, if you choose to take that path.

Canonically, audiences will love anything the gods perform for them. There's at least three gods in the 2014 Pantheon who specialise in despair and darkness, and one who goes full nihilistic 'nothing means anything'; they still cheer afterwards. So if you feel like writing a concert/performance, feel free to take it anywhere you want without worrying about traumatising the agents. :)

Ananke has a little time to walk if Tash has more to say. I promise she won't bite her head off. ;)


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