Subject: "It is and it is not."
Posted on: 2020-08-17 01:23:29 UTC

Algie spotted how the man's hands hovered as if forced away from whatever weaponry he was carrying by propriety alone. He also knew that if he had, Lola had as well, and in all likelihood quite substantially sooner. The softly-softly approach, then. He kept his flash patch and ID visible.

"This is an Internal Affairs investigation, albeit far from an official one. My name is Wymbourne, and my esteemed partner is Field Commander McCandless. We're looking into the possibility of a mass Suefluence incident, one offshoot of which was the aforementioned concert. The child on stage was one Tanfin Illian, of the Nursery, and while technically having Sindarin heritage - or Noldorin, or something along those lines - he is no more the Middle-Earth nature goddess Yavanna than he is a small bowl of chicken soup. You understand our concerns, I trust."

Algie kept a serious expression on his face throughout. Devolving this into a firefight would set their investigation back immensely, to the point where they might not be able to save his son from the madness.

Also be shot to bits by an unknown agent.

Which was worse.



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