Subject: Klik!
Posted on: 2020-08-22 19:16:29 UTC

I seemed to float in a place like nothing I had seen or imagined. All around me I saw massive, twisted lines of pure power, snapping and colorshifting. I saw numbers, deluges of them, I could hear them roaring around my ears. I reached out a vast hand and could run it over the curves of space itself. I could stroke the very curves of space-time.

I saw . . . I saw everything, the inside, underside, inner, and outer of everything at once.

The Ellimist Chronicles, chapter 27

No purely verbal description could do it justice, of course. Mortal minds could not comprehend the Something Beyond—and the Ellimist was sure to shield the girls from most of it for their transit. It filled every sense and none; it was the trailing past, the raveling present, the infinitely branching streams of the future. Even the Ellimist could only take in so much at once.

He quickly recognized the strands of his own life (how vast he was now, and Yavanna beside him!) and those of the people closest to him. One in particular seemed unbelievably potent in comparison to the rest, but so tightly wound and compacted to resemble the majority that only a little of its relative brilliance shone through. Was that... Mom? What the...? He noted with some dismay that as far as he could see her timeline appeared to remain closely linked with the otherwise-ordinary one shot through with white-gold reeking of attar where it had broken and reformed, over and over and over and—yeah, that was Jacques. Bugger. And in a few years... huh. Weird. But what else did he expect from that guy?

He could have stopped and stared for ages (figuratively speaking; time was meaningless in this state), but not while he had companions with him. He sifted through the strands of time, like skeins of yarn through his fingers, looking for a suitable place to insert a year hence. Here—here was a great convergence of energies so dense he could hardly parse it. Surely something miraculous that would occur in the wake of the gods' return! That was it, then.

They arrived, the Courtyard of the future dissolving into being around them. Only three heartbeats would have seemed to pass.

I had to. That, too. Yes, and that. ^_^


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