Subject: Yavanna looked mildly dismayed...
Posted on: 2020-08-20 14:15:26 UTC

... maybe even peeved. It was the sort of expression you might see on the face of a thirteen year old who's just realised his powers of "make trees grow real good" have been wildly outclassed.

Bella had no such qualms. She released Yavanna and flung her arms around the Ellimist instead. "Yes! Oh yes please!"

Jasmine tried (and failed) to hide a similar level of excitement. "Where - when can we go?" she asked. "Can we see ourselves as grown-ups?"

"Space!" Bella squealed. "Let's go see the PPC in space!"

Yavanna exchanged a look with the Ellimist, remembering what Ananke had said: Within two years... "Maybe something a little closer would be better?"

I think with Daphne being a fairly calm child, Bella never grew out of being 'the baby girl', so she's got the whole let's-hug-everyone thing going on.

I had to check whether Ananke's name had come up prior to this. ^_^; Luckily, El-Ahrairah namedrops her.

(I'm sure Yavanna can do more with his powers; he just hasn't thought of it yet.)


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