Subject: Lurk Mode: Disengaged! Opting in!
Posted on: 2020-08-13 21:24:51 UTC

Alleb did not often have time to herself, but when she did, she went to the shrine.

She wasn’t sure when she had first discovered the shrine: it had been sometime during the early days, when electric lights had blinded her and the sight of red eyes--human, electronic, vampiric, alien--had sent her hand straight to her sword. The shrine had blended in almost perfectly with all the other wonders of this strange new world. Almost. It had stuck in her mind just enough that, when the dust had settled and she had re-established some manner of order in her life, she had remembered it. Had sought it out. It had taken days of searching the hills of New Caledonia to find it again. Like most of HQ, it seemed to run when pursued directly. She’d had to hunt out of the corner of her eye, immerse herself in the transient beauty of the grass and the flowers, distract herself just enough to only barely notice when it appeared in the periphery of her sight.

There. Hidden among the rocks in a little valley, shrouded by trees: a small half-collapsed monument of white stone.

She had it now, and she was able to turn and face it directly without the sight shrinking away. It was a small circular building, the roof domed and topped with a little spire. It was a room without walls, not meant for shelter, made of white stone and partially covered in dead ivy. The trees seemed to open up for her as she approached, their fallen leaves whispering away from her blue cloak. She was a splash of color in this place. The surrounding rocks were all in greys, the sparse plants either brown or faded sage, the monument itself a blank white. Wind whistled through the boulders and she shivered pleasantly, pulling her cloak tighter at the chill.

She walked up the three shallow steps and entered the monument. Stillness settled on her as a second cloak. Her eyes closed to slits, glinting blue briefly, and she took in a breath. She let her hands fall out of her cloak, palms outward, open.

This was a place of certainties, she thought. A place that knew what it was and what it would be and what would happen to it. A place that contained all the loneliness and all the peace of a graveyard and a sanctuary.

There was a sound behind her, a scrape on the stones, incongruous with the peace. Alleb spun, shocked. No one, nothing, had ever found her here. She had thought it was impossible.

A woman stood just outside the monument, one foot on the top step. She was dressed in widow’s weeds, black as night, black as a raven’s wing. She stepped up, her face wreathed in dark lace that completely obscured her.

“Pardon, lady,” Alleb said, bowing. “If you have respects to pay, I will leave.” She straightened and took only a single step towards the woman before a gloved hand barred her way. Startled, she looked back up at the woman, and through the lace their eyes met.

Alleb dropped to one knee, not daring to take her eyes away. “A messenger,” she breathed, “an angel.”

The blue of the woman’s eyes flashed and glowed, and Alleb’s own brown eyes flashed blue to meet them, and she could feel herself rising--becoming--ascending.

To death, maybe, she thought. Or to some greater adventure, some task which required more of her than she had to give. She closed her eyes as she felt herself transform and knew--a certainty--that it would be a great task indeed.

What's this, an Alleb? Egads!

For those of you confused by my sudden appearance: I was pretty active in the PPC about three or four years ago, but I don't think I've posted on the Board for about that long. I've been lurking since quarantine started but never found the right time to fully pop back in on the Board--until now! Thank you for putting this on, hS; I love the concept! Also, uh, how are you? And all the other lovely Boarders? It has been a while!

Oh, yes, RP stuff: Agent Alleb has become the Raven Queen! I debated a bit on what to choose, but the white shrine appeared in my mind and I Needed it so here we are. Alleb looks like this, and it'd be real cool if she could have like, a raven wing cloak or something. I dunno, I leave the design particulars to your discretion, hS! Maybe some kind of mask/crown? The Raven Queen is rather mysterious.

Also, a note on the eye color stuff: Alleb has brown eyes, but a trait of her people (Glimpses) is that their eyes will "glint" certain colors based on their loyalties. Alleb's glint blue.

Anyone, thanks again hS; I'm looking forward to the divine hijinks!


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