Subject: IC: walking and other boring stuff
Posted on: 2020-08-17 15:37:25 UTC

The following conversation was honestly kind of awkward, with Mary coming to terms with, well, existing.

Questions had been asked, vague answers had been given, but he still came out of it feeling like there was still much to understand. It was somewhat aggravating, really.

He walked down the HQ corridors, still deep in thought. He had heard the horror stories of Suefluence and Invasions and all that before from other Agents, and newly-acquired godhood wasn't quite enough to stave off a little worm of worry in the back of his mind. He decided that he would go head to his RC for a bit to think about what to do.

Besides, he figured Charlie wouldn’t be too bad to have around while he was thinking. Sure, they’d probably be a little surprised, but at least they wouldn’t try to attack him or laugh at his clothes or anything.

...Wait, why was he suddenly concerned about his looks? And why did it feel so natural?

Then he realized he had arrived at his RC door. Wasting no time, he opened the door and stepped in.

Charlie was sitting in a chair in the corner, their fingers practically flying across their mandola strings. They were also singing. Loudly. It was a wonder how the sound hadn’t carried through the door.

“...We feel the paaain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days, through the fire and the flames we carry OOOON - oh, hi Jiwon.” The tabaxi lowered their mandola and waved, smiling broadly.

“It’s Mary Poppins now, actually,” he said, not unkindly. It was a statement of fact to him now, but he knew Charlie didn’t know that yet.

His partner blinked. “You’re Mary Poppins?”

“I’m fairly sure. Poppins, but formerly Jiwon. Something having to do with incarnations and all that, I think.”

Charlie looked confused for a few seconds, before shrugging and going back to their mandola strumming. “Alright, then.” They looked up. “You sure this isn’t something you should be headed to FicPsych about?”

“No, I do believe I’m fine. Without, that is.”

“If you say so, mate.” Charlie bent over their instrument, slowly getting drawn back into their music. “I really don’t know what’s happened, but it seems interesting. Have fun with whatever it is you’re doing.”

Mary blinked, then decided that a curt nod counted as a valid response. “I’ll try, I suppose. Enjoy your playing, then.” And, deciding there was nothing else to do here, he raised a hand and snapped his fingers.


A sudden wind picked up, Mary raised his umbrella, and he silently flew away on the breeze, gliding out the open door.

Charlie looked up. “Jiwon? What was that?” But their partner was gone, leaving behind an empty doorway and the light smell of gunpowder and fox.

“...Huh.” Charlie’s curiosity had now been piqued. They had to see what was going on with all this. Their partner claimed he was Mary Poppins, and now he apparently knew magic. In their experience, one didn't simply develop magic out of nowhere. Unless you were a sorcerer, but they were pretty sure Jiwon wasn't a sorcerer.

Something was up, and they wanted to figure out what it was, even if they had no plan or preparation whatsoever. They stood up, hefting their mandola, and secured the strap of their Bag of Holding, before heading out the door and shutting it behind them.

Welp, curiosity killed the cat and all that. Charlie has no idea what they’re doing. :/

Neither does Jiwon/Mary, though, honestly. And neither do I. I’m just gonna see where my brain goes with all this. Excitement, I guess.

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